Do you ever use anesthesia?
  No, we never give your animal any medication. From a behavioral standpoint, our highly skilled dental technicians are able to clean 90-95% of animals teeth.  

Is the cleaning process painful for my animal in anyway?

  Neither the cleaning process nor the positioning that is used for the cleaning elicits any pain. Our hygienists are educated in basic anatomy and are careful to always maintain comfortable posture positions. If pain is found on the pre-exam (see SERVICES) the veterinarian is alerted and the condition is assessed. If there are any pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, back or neck pain, sensitive areas, etc., we take extra measures to avoid these areas and eliminate any discomfort. Your pet is always placed on an orthopedic mat during the procedure.  
How often is it necessary to have my pet’s teeth cleaned?
  Each animal is different and due to their genetics, their diets and their home care routines, their rate of build up is variable. However the majority of animals we take care of require a dental no more often than every 6 months. Our veterinarians do not believe in monthly maintenance plans. They not only are potentially damaging to the enamel surface of the teeth, they also discourage you from performing at home routine care. BESIDES, WOULD YOU WANT TO GO TO THE DENTIST EVERY MONTH? A good home care routine incorporating brushing, rinsing, and chews will not only help your pet it will prolong times  between cleanings, which helps your checkbook.  
Is there a Veterinarian present every time? Is that the law in CA? Can you dispense antibiotics?

YES, every time! YES, it is the law! YES, our veterinarians are equipped to dispense antibiotics on site prophylactically for pre-existing heart murmurs as well as particularly dirty mouths.

How much does Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning cost compared to anesthetic dentals?

Anesthetic dentals generally start around $500-$550 in the Los Angeles area. K9 GRILLZ Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings are a small fraction of this and generally are around only 20-25% of the cost of an anesthetic procedure. Not only are they easier on your pocket book, they are also considerably safer for your pet. *Prices may vary slightly by location and frequency of cleaning.