Prophylactic Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning


Our veterinarians give each animal a complete physical and oral exam just as they would have at their regular veterinarian. Your animal is closely screened for systemic diseases/conditions such as cardiac disease, lymphatic disease, orthopedic disease including arthritis as well as behavioral status, all of which may limit a pet’s candidacy. The oral cavity is then specifically evaluated to determine if periodontal disease is present and if so, what stage it is, how involved it is and whether or not an anesthetic dental is required first in order to return the oral cavity to wellness prior to implementing a routine anesthesia free dental cleaning.

K9 GRILLZ dental technicians have a combined experience of over 25 years and come from backgrounds in both veterinary medicine and human dentistry. A few of the steps in our multistep cleaning technique include:

  1. Hand instrument exam – During the doctor’s oral exam all teeth can’t always be adequately evaluated for conspicuous changes such as pain or mobility (looseness) due to anatomical limitations. If the technician notices abnormalities that may have been initially hidden from the veterinarian including mobility, abscess, pocketing, fractures, gingival disease, pain etc., the veterinarian is notified immediately and the initiation of the cleaning procedure is reevaluated.
  2. Following a normal precheck the teeth are cleaned in a similar fashion as yours would be cleaned at your dentist. Handscalers, curettes, probes and ultrasonic scalers are comfortably and safely employed to remove plaque and tartar from all surfaces of the teeth both above and below the gum line. During the cleaning close attention is paid to ensure the thorough removal of the bacterial laden plaque and tartar from the oral cavity prior to potential ingestion.
  3. Antibacterial oral rinse and/or gel are applied before, during and after the cleaning.
  4. The cleaning is completed with the mechanical application of a veterinary approved fluoride-based polish. A sealant is applied when indicated.

If there is mild to moderate gingivitis present, antibiotics can be dispensed and are to be given as directed by our veterinarian.

Each patient receives one of our professionally completed Dental Charts (pictured next to “Marley” above), which can be forwarded to your regular veterinarian to be admitted to your animal’s permanent medical record. We also send you home with Home Care Instructions that provide detailed advice on how to start a great dental cleaning routine at home. HOME CARE IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF MAINTAINING YOUR PETS ORAL HEALTH.